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About Biospan

Private chef and nutritionist service designed for your health. Using clean, high quality, organic foods. A bespoke health service.

Our Mission

To make the highest quality version of your diet accessible to you anywhere on the planet.

Before the 1930s, our ancestors ate clean, natural, and unprocessed foods.

Our great-grandparents ate the most delicious nourishing foods. They raised their animals outside eating fresh grass and forage, without the use of antibiotics and GMO feed. Vegetables were organic, grown with care, and without the use of harmful chemicals. And we caught our fish from clean, pollution-free waters. 

Food was safe and nutritious. Obesity was rare. Food allergies were rare. Lactose intolerance was rare. Heart disease was almost unheard of.

But, this all changed…

After the second world war, our food started to change. 

Governments started to build dietary guidelines which encouraged artificial foods like margarine as alternatives to natural foods like butter. We started to use more chemical fertilisers and pesticides to mass produce food. And natural foods like raw milk became illegal. 

Soon, our society became flooded with artificial foods in plastic wrapping from factory lines designed to maximise profits - instead of farm-to-fork meals from honest local farmers which were natural health foods for humans.

Obesity, heart disease, and diabetes started to skyrocket.

By 2020, almost all food became processed. 

Foods were thrown around in containers, overheated, cold-pressed, gas-flushed, with heavy metals, artificial flavourings, colourings, E20-somethings, GMO, antibiotics, pthalates, MSG, plastics…

Obesity became common, and heart disease and diabetes were normalised. More children were lactose intolerant and developed asthma. This wasn’t the same world our ancestors experienced.

The only way to eat real food was to cook it at home from scratch.

In the new world, the only way to eat normal foods was to buy your groceries from organic farmers and cook everything at home from scratch.

You could enjoy the organic clean foods our ancestors thrived on - without all the extra ingredients you don't need.

The only issue was, this was too time consuming if you lead a busy life.

We designed a private chef service you can trust to delegate your diet.

Cooking everything at home from scratch can be too time consuming for busy professionals. So we created Biospan in 2020.

We made a private service based entirely around health. You get your own chef who buys organic clean foods. And cooks bespoke meals for you and your family in your kitchen.

You can also work with one of our nutritionist to build a bespoke programme for your health.

This means you can focus on your life, whilst still eating the foods designed to make you strong. 


The world's healthiest food service.

Our service was designed from the ground-up by registered nutritionists, personal trainers, and performance chefs from the health industry.

Not only do we provide the high quality ingredients that made our ancestors strong. But we use modern science and testing from laboratories to design bespoke menus for your health.

We believe food is medicine.

How it works

1. We hire a chef for your home.

Do you want a part time chef? A full time chef? We hire chefs for your home according to your needs. You can interview and trial them before starting.

2. You work with a nutritionist (optional)

If you are looking for diet advice to improve your health, you can work with one of our nutritionists to get a bespoke programme to support your goals.

3. Your chef cooks food for your health

Your chef will design menus, shop, cook, clean, and serve your meals. This is all designed around your health requirements with organic ingredients.

4. You enjoy organic foods for your health.

You can spend more time focusing on your career or spending with family and friends. Your health is taken care of in the background.

The Team

A team of nutritionists, former international athletes, functional medicine practitioners, personal trainers, Michelin trained chefs, and sports performance chefs.

Maximilian Burrell

CEO & Founder

Kevin Bryant

Head Chef & Co-Founder

Henrietta Paxton

Head of Nutrition

Mairead Fitzpatrick

Nutritional Therapist

All of our chefs

Private Chefs

Partnered Practitioners

Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Doctors

Laboratory Partners

Blood, DNA, Stool, and Other Analysis


Organic, 100% Grass-Fed, Wild

Ensuring Quality


We hire chefs based on their experience in private households, their knowledge in nutrition, and culinary abilities. We have a strict criteria, and provide ongoing training to ensure our chefs are the most skilled chefs in the industry.


We select experienced nutritionists based knowledge of evolutionary science and functional medicine, We have a team of nutritionists with their own specialties. All of our nutritionists are certified by their governing bodies.

Food Quality

We make sure all of our plant foods are organic, our animals are 100% grass-fed and pasture raised, and our fish is wild. Our foods are free-from additives, and we use cooking methods that preserve and unlock nutrients.


We work with trusted brands and suppliers who share our values around food. Our main butchers are Ethical Butcher. These animal foods are sourced from regenerative farms that create top-layer soil and promote biodiversity.

Making our world a healthier place.

Since our launch, we have create health programmes and served meals for people from all walks of life.

We've worked with people who have cancer, people with mast cell activation syndrome, professional athletes, business owners who are short on time, and couples looking to improve their health.

Biospan is now recognised as the leading food service in the UK for those who value health and quality. We've created jobs for chefs and nutritionists. And, we've support our local communities and farmers.

We plan to make the healthiest and most compelling food service in the world - and this is only the beginning.

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"There’s a high chance of skipping meals or not eating things that are good for my nutrition if it’s not super quick and accessible. "

So, I have a chef that comes to my house once a week called Kevin and he makes my meals for the next three days, and he comes back three days later and makes the next three. That’s been really important to me, because there’s a high chance of skipping meals or not eating things that are good for my nutrition if it’s not super quick and accessible.

Steven Bartlett - Diary of a CEO, Star of Dragons Den, Investor, Entrepreneur - Featured in GQ

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"Biospan passes with flying colours by producing elite high quality meals"

As an athlete, nutrition is high on my list as it helps me perform & recover in and out of the ring.

Biospan passes with flying colours by producing elite high quality meals.

AnEsonGib - Professional Athlete & Celebrity

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"Helping me to have the tastiest, yet nutritious daily meals that coincide with my daily schedule."

Biospan helped me maximise my meal times. Helping me to have the tastiest, yet nutritious daily meals that coincide with my daily schedule. They source the best ingredients and work with the best chefs.

Solly Solomou - CEO & Founder of The LadBible Group

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"The food is tasty! I'm happy we gave it a go."

The chefs are really nice (cook great food) and I really like having a nutritionist for the family. My husband and I have both lost weight we've kept on from Covid. The food is tasty! I'm happy we gave it a go."

Claire Royce

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"After days on this diet, my eczema started to clear up. Two weeks in, and was completely gone."

"After suggesting I go on a low FODMAP diet, I came away from the conversation, for the first time ever, sure I was going to cure my eczema. "

Alex Rodgers

Personal Trainer
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"I LOVE IT!!! I hate cooking and have to take care of the kids"

I have put on weight since having my newest born. I wanted healthy food to lose weight and the nutrition has been really useful.

Katie Robbins

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"I had been suffering with bloating, constipation and fatigue for months…"

"I felt really self-conscious and extremely uncomfortable after most meals. Henrietta’s nutritional advice & supplements transformed the way my body digested food and allowed me to improve my energy levels, reduce the bloating and eliminated constipation entirely."

Tilly Hooper

National Pole Vaulter, 2 x British Universities Champion,
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"My nutritionist is very knowledgable and has helped me lose a few kg so far."

"I enjoy this service a lot and find it very useful to save me time. My chef is nice, he leaves the place clean. Will keep using, thanks"

Michael Beasley

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"Henrietta pretty much changed my life"

"I started working with Henrietta after having a lot of problems with my stomach and digestion... I now know what foods are the irritant and she taught me how easy it is to work around them. I have had hardly any flare ups and when I do have them I know why and what to do about it."

Sophie Cooke

National and International Pole Vaulter, ranked 2nd in UK
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"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change." - Jim Rohn

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