Become a private chef at Biospan

Work with high net worth clientele and registered nutritionists to build bespoke meal plans and cuisines for health and wellbeing


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Private Chef Roles at Biospan

Are you looking to become a private chef or a personal chef? Or, maybe you’re looking to expand an existing career. Do you want to work with high net-worth clients, create healthy meals that make an impact in people's lives, and get direct feedback and compliments for your food?

Who are we?

Biospan is the world’s first Biocheffing service  - a boutique private chef and nutrition clinic to help high-profile families and individuals to eat as healthy as humanly possible.

This is a high-tech personalised service where we help our clients analyse their biology through laboratory testing, working with clinical-grade nutritionists, and by providing talented chefs to make bespoke meals.

We help celebrities, high-profile entrepreneurs, professional athletes, people with complex health conditions, and high-income families to eat healthier.

The Biocheffing Programme

Biospan has a unique private chef career path called The Biocheffing Programme. This is a private chef programme made entirely for health and wellbeing. Here are some of the benefits of our programme:

  • Get unique training for nutritional menu design, organic food sourcing, and healthy food preparation.
  • Work in high net-worth homes. Foster intimate relationships with your clientele and support busier clients by fueling their careers and being the bedrock of their success.
  • Join a community and work alongside other chefs and nutritionists during holiday handovers and nutrition mentorship.
  • Build a purpose, get paid to grow, and change lives - build a relationship with your clients and watch them change because of your food.
  • Work your way up through the Biocheffing Grading System and get access to exclusive jobs, travel opportunities, and spotlight.

The type of career opportunities we offer

  • Part time roles
  • Full time roles
  • Travel opportunities
  • Adhoc jobs
  • Cook from home (meal delivery)

How to become a private chef at Biospan

As you scroll down, you will see a section which says 'apply now'. You can click to button there to submit an application. Or you can submit an application to us by clicking the link here.

The Biocheffing Lifestyle

Organic cuisines

Turn a new leaf and spend your days making healthy food that improves lives and makes the world a better place.

Personal development

Develop your learning around health and lead a fulfilling career whilst improving your own health.

Breathtaking locations

Experience breathtaking homes. Work inside luxury locations and enjoy the finer arts of human creation.

Experience the nutrition world

Work alongside nutritionists and experience the professional health world.

Independence & teamwork

Work independently whilst collaborating with a wider team. Manage your admin workload and menu planning from home in a relaxed environment.

Travel opportunities

Work your way through the Biocheffing Grading System and unlock new opportunities around the world.

Flex your culinary flair

Develop bespoke menus and use your culinary flair when making last minute changes - see the realtime joy you make for your clients.

Make a difference in someone's life

With every person you work with, you will be making a difference in their life. Often times, this can change your perspective on everything.


Submit an application to become a private chef at Biospan and enter the nutrition world.

Click the button below and you will be redirected to our application form. One of our team members will be in touch to let you know if you are successful and what the next steps of the process are.